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Design Strategy in 90 Seconds

Design Strategy in 90 Seconds

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 Design strategy is about thinking differently putting yourself in your customers shoes to design the solutions that not only fit their needs but delight them by empathizing through observing people in real-life scenarios like shopping or through open-ended interviews to uncover what people do rather than what they want, because if you ask people what they want, they don't necessarily know.
By immersing yourself in your customers world you can understand their needs gains and pains.
1 -  Empathise, immerse yourself in your customers world.
2 -  Define  the non-obvious insights 
3 - Ideate:  brainstorm solutions
4 - Prototype: 
 build an MPV (Minimum Viable Product) of ideas in the shortest possible time, then take those prototypes back to your customers and ask what they think.
design strategy starts with the customer then offers the solution not the other way around, for example an Australian supermarket chain wanted wanted to design a unique engaging in store experience to further set them apart from competitors so we followed their customers around interviewed them and watched what was happening in store over a considerable period customers wanted to feel more connected with the suppliers of their produce and in-store experience, they couldn't find elsewhere.
One of the winning ideas was an in-store milk dispenser with old-style glass milk bottles.
 Customers filled the bottles with single origin high quality milk, they can see details of the cows and farms that produced it with assurance, the suppliers receive a better price.
 This experience delights customers and is very successful across stores, if we had asked what customers wanted they probably have said cheaper produce, but by empathizing living and observing, we developed an idea that not only excites customers but gives the story unique aged by connecting with customers hearts and minds.
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