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Where ideas for stories come from?

Where ideas for stories come from?
(- Texts quoted from: Alan Horsfield; Creative Writing: Years 7-8 )
(- Picture: pixabay.com)

   Writers on school visits are often asked where they get their ideas stories. There is no easy answer to this question. There is no secret either.
   Once you start writing zeal, and you want to keep writing, ideas will pop up everywhere. They come at the most unexpected times. That is why many writers carry a small note pad and pen with them wherever they go. I even have pen and paper beside the bed.

Where ideas come from?
   This is just a sample of where ideas come from. Ideas will pop out of:
- TV shows
- things that happen in the family
- things that happen in school
- newspaper and magazine articles
- other books
- conversations and chance remarks

    And sometimes ideas seem to come in a flash from nowhere.
The idea for a story may be a simple incident but the writier sees in it the possibiblity for a story.
The incident grabs the writer's imagination. This does not mean that the writer rushes to his / her office and starts furioussly typing a complete story.
    Most likely, the idea sits in the writer's imagination and bits of the story start falling into place - the setting, the character, the plot, the detail, the ending. Some writers liken this process to a seed growing in the garden. There are many seeds in our gardens. Some will be flowers, others will be weeds and some won't germinate at all.

Inspiration for my stories:
The idea for ly story The Big Race came from a school sports day as I watched the kids in a mini-marathon. I knew what must have been going through their minds as I had just competed in the Sydney City to Surf Fun Run. I didn't write the story until much later, but the idea was there all the time - not always at the front of my mind by certainly in my little notebook.

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