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Stingy farmer.. moral story

 Stingy farmer..

stingy miser farmer moral stories

The sun sheds its rays  on that farm full of animals and birds.. the farm owner entered, as usual, to put food for his animals which attacked the food because of severe hunger, and it is only moments until the food is over, but animals are still hungry.

The owner of the farm was a miserly man who wanted to provide food for the animals, so he did not feed them well, although they get tired and endures all day hard work on the farm from p
lowing the land, running the waterwheel, carrying the seeds on their backs for long distances and return with the fruits of the fruit. Despite this, this miserly farmer puts only a little for them.

The food has not felt full once since he bought them to work on the farm and here the cow said, writhing from hunger: 

"What do you think, my friends, how long will we be patient with this miserly man, because he knows nothing about compassion for animals? We work on the farm at night, and day without tiring or boredom, and despite this, it does not give us the food we deserve.. What do you think if we teach this miser a lesson that he will not forget?.

 "What can we, the weak animals, do in front of that hard-hearted man who does not have mercy on the animals that help him?" The hen said in confusion.

"I will prevent milk from today on, and he will not drink fresh milk that will feed him after today" The cow replied with interest.

"I will refrain from eggs, and I will not whiten him yet now he will not find delicious eggs with which to break his fast every morning", the hen said.

 “I will not let him ride me or carry me on my back farm tools after today, and I will not take one step until after he treats us well.” the donkey brayed.

"As for me, I will not I shout at dawn to wake him like every day to go to the farm .. I will refrain from waking him from today". The rooster said.

And they all agreed on these opinions.

And when the sun rose the next day, the time passed without the miser, the owner of the farm, awakening, and when he woke up, he looked at the sun disc, and found that it was too late, and quickly left his bed while looking out the window at the rooster standing in it.

"Why didn't you crow, rooster to wake me.. I will give you a hard lesson so that you don't neglect your work from now on.." The farm and shouted.

But after breakfast. The miserly farmer went to the farm and tried a lot to milk the cow, but to no avail.

He kept trying and trying without getting a single drop of milk, the miser got angry and started screaming: "What happened.. all The days I get a lot of delicious milk from you, and today there is not a single drop of milk that I break my fast with. It's okay, I'll make do with an egg from this chicken. And it was only a matter of minutes until he discovered that the hen did not lay eggs this day. So, the miser could not control his anger, he screams out of anger.

So the first day passed without food, and his stomach writhed from hunger.

The next day the same thing happened. It stayed like this for a week. The miser started worrying about the animals, so he went to the vet to check farm animals, and when the doctor finished his examination, he looked at the miser in astonishment, saying: Your animals are very weak.. It seems you don't give her enough food.

"Doctor, I give her enough food to work in the field, and despite this does not give me milk and eggs as usual" the miser cried. 

" It seems that you do not know that the animal needs to feel full in order to work actively and give you milk and eggs as you want, and the animal eats as much as it needs, and when it is full, it does not turn to the food no matter how much you put it in front of them.. Put them abundant food and leave them to rest for a day in a week of hard work and they will return to their health, God willing" the doctor replied.

"It belongs to the cow and the egg to the chicken. Do you have to shout?" the miser said in eagerness. 

" Yes..and they will work harder and more actively than they used take care of them and you will see how they care about you" the doctor replied confidently.

 Indeed, the miser did what the doctor indicated, and it was only a matter of days until the cow came back to give him her milk, and the hen gave him her eggs, the rooster returned to crowing every day, and the miser learned from that day a lesson he will not forget:

 If he wants to take, he must first give..

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